Hello I'm

Stephen Tonkin

A Freelance Designer From Australia

I'm a Graphic Designer based on Central Coast, NSW, I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work.


Just some of the many clients I've worked with.


Working with this company that does pree employment screening. This clients work has included perspectus designs, motion graphics and video work.


This company delivers great alcoholic free alternatives from a lot of the great beer and wine makers. Clients work included a rebranding, photoshoot of products and website work.


This business is part of Tempest Boards. They create surfboard and knee boards. This clients work include Logo designs, and skicker designs that are attached to the boards during manufacture.

I'm a Graphic Designer

I Can Design Anything You Want

Hello there! I'm a graphic designer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my craft. With 16 years experience as a professional graphic designer, I have acquired skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration.


My Work

Most common methos for designing websites that work well on desktop is
responsive and adaptive design

ASA Student Poster

The brief of this poster was to design a poster
that will show that we need to be aware that Christ is
at our hearts wanting to come in, and we need to hear that knocking.

Drink Spiking Awerness

The idea was presented to the Federal Government
as a proposal to their awareness of spiking drinks
in pubs and clubs

The Wise Ones

A banner designed for a Teens event that its theme
was based on the Verse 'James 1:5', Which talks about
having wisdom.

Filmed Series

This is the DVD cover for a series filmed that gives
the insights and the importance of the Moses Tabernacle,
and how it applies to our walk with Christ.

DVD Cover

This is a DVD cover from the series that has the insight
of how the past can affect your relationships
and self worth for the rest of your life.

Not The Movies

This is a Series filmed that connects many of the Biblical
events, to show the bigger picture of Gods
plans from creation to the second coming.


What I Do For Clients

As a freelance designer I can offer many differnt services.

Print based Design

Brochures - Logos

I arange print based services to fit your needs.
- Corporate rebranding.
- Brochures.
- Business cards and more.

Screen Based Design

Motion Graphics - Video Editing

I off a range of screen based work From
- animation.
- Video editing.
- 3D modelling and more.


Corporate or private

This can be for many different areas for corporate or private events or more.


Corporate or private

This can be for many different areas for corporate or private events or more.

Let's talk about everything

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